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16 comments on “GFO Chat

  1. Keisha, you are doing a great job with the GFO site. Thanks again.

  2. Had an amazing service at GFO yesterday with Dr. Wendell Thompson speaking (being thankful in small things-hear it on our website) while the Coulters were ministering elsewhere. We were all blessed while missing the Coulters. Acapella music led by Shirley M was fantastic. Matthew at the recording equipment. Many testimonies of thankfulness. Great pizza and much help in moving Ruth into her new open after services.

  3. Just today read all the comments! Yes, our August Celebration was “almost” unbelievable and things have not really calmed down since!! Love my church! God has called us here for such a time as THIS! Many spiritual and physical blessings await us, and are also happening every day.

  4. The celebration this past weekend was almost unbelievable. The ability of God’s people to minister to one another was awesome. Great speakers delivering a “needed” right now message, fantastice drama presentations by the youth that brought you to tears, loving pastors, food out of this world, topped off by the movie “How the West Was Won” Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

  5. Wow!!! What a time of encouragement and refreshing this celebration weekend. Wendell and I enjoyed receiving from all the guest speakers this weekend and the worship was beautiful. How grateful and overwhelmed we feel that they would all travel so far to speak into our lives and pour their gifts into us. Words can’t express how much we love Clifton & Geri and GFO — Jesus is so glorified in this place. Looking forward to the future!

  6. Looking forward to seeing the church family tomorrow. We love you all so much.

  7. So excited to see what the Lord has in store for GFO. I am so blessed to have pastors that listen and obey the Lord, even when it isn’t comfortable. The fellowship is so amazing! When worry or fear start to creep in, I am going to remember what Pastor Clifton says, “We are just going to believe God!” He is a God that doesn’t lie, He will do exactly what He said. Be encouraged!

  8. Same here. Friends and family day next week. Picnic lunch after church right down street, Columbia Park. We are having chicken. Youth drama will have presentation..

  9. We missed you guys yesterday! I’m sure service was great 🙂

  10. Thanks Keisha for making life easier. So excited about the Ireland trip, Geri. 10 days and I will be free to travel . Great message Pastor.

  11. Although missing our pastors who were ministering in Colorado, Sunday service was awesome. Wendell delivered a timely message and as always, it was heart warming to visit with church family.

    • Yes, we are so glad you miss us, but you all can have great services and messages w/o us, because you all are AWESOME!!! We have the best church, which means the best PEOPLE

  12. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Excited for service this morning but missing the Coulters!

  14. Our website designer is awesome!!!


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